Small Employer

Small Employer  


Exclusively for Members who are owners or principals in firms with 2–50 employees.


Comprehensive Medical Care Options


Your choice of three coverage types:


Innovative "Open Access" HMO

Lower premiums than traditional coverage … fewer restrictions than HMOs

  • No primary care physician required
  • Access to a large local network of participating providers
  • No referral needed to see a specialist
  • Lower out–of–pocket costs for in–network services
  • Includes prescription drugs, preventive care, well–baby care, worldwide emergency room care, and optional non–network benefits


Point of Service

  • Primary care physician required
  • A large network of participating providers
  • Low copays for in–network services
  • Out–of–network benefits included


PPO and Managed Indemnity (Nationwide Network)

  • No primary care physician required
  • Benefits with a network provider: lower out–of–pocket expenses, no–balance billing, no complicated claim forms to complete or track
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